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I'm a lover of books. I love how discussing books connect us in really substantial and interesting ways.

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A White Room - Stephanie  Carroll I love books that surprise me. Stephanie Carroll has written an interesting historical novel with a flavor of mystery and a touch of the gothic. Emeline Evans is the daughter of a well to do attorney. She wants to become a nurse which isn't an acceptable choice for a young woman of breeding in 1900. Before she can talk to her parents about her desire, her father becomes terminally ill. Before he dies, he tells Emeline that she will have to make difficult decisions to help take care of her family. She ends up doing so by marrying a friend of the family. Determined to make the best of it she and her new husband move to a new town for his job. But she finds herself living with a husband who shows little interest in her and far away from family and friends. Emeline begins to feel trapped in a marriage and a house that are hostile towards her.Stephanie Carroll reflects on a time when woman were discouraged from showing intellect, or interest in anything outside the running of the home. If they did they were deemed emotional or hysterical. How does a young and intelligent woman adapt to a life she didn't choose? Read this story and find out.A copy of this book was provided from the publisher for the purposes of review. This in no way impacted the contnets of this review.