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Still Midnight - Denise Mina I received this book from Hachette publishing as a participant on the book club at http://www.devourerofbooks.com. Initially I had difficulty with this book. Upon reflection, I found that the chapters that held the character of DS Alex Morrow and the investigation really held my interest. However the chapters that was from the point of view of one of the criminals, Pat was less engaging. After finishing the book I saw that this was a shame as his story and that of his family was part of a interesting relection on family.The general overview is that 2 men enter the home of the Anwar family screaming for Bob. No one there has that name and it seems like this is a botched home invasion. The invaders take the father and tell the family they will get him back when they get their money. Written as a mystery, who is Bob? Why do they think he has this money, will they find Mr. Anwar? and police procedural the really story is of families.Alex Morrow a DS in the Glasgow police, is married but reluctant to go home. We discover her back story and see it clash with her investigation.The Anwar patriarch is a immigrant from Uganda. Traditional, he takes pleaure in his nontradional children.Pat, one of the armed gunman a part of a family we don't really get to meet and understand until the end of the book. Mina's exploration of these families throughout the book are the real story for this reader. Families, the interactions, believes, culture clashes, desires to be different from and yet part of are the stories of great literature. For me, Mina fumbled by not including the story of Pat earlier in the book which would have engaged this reader much earlier. Still, I'll be reading the next in the series to find out more about the interesting and complex Alex Morrow.3.5 of 5 stars.