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The Wishing Hill: A Novel - Holly Robinson No one is perfect. It is our flaws that make us human. Holly Robinson creates some very human characters in [b:The Wishing Hill: A Novel|16101089|The Wishing Hill A Novel|Holly Robinson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1362958019s/16101089.jpg|21911390]. Narrated by two women, Juliet and Claire, this book drew me in within the first few pages.An artist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we first meet Juliet 5 months after her husband left her. She is 40 and pregnant by someone not her husband. She is vividly drawn and an intersting woman. Her brother Will calls her to return home to help him take care of thier mother who recently fell and broke her hip and now is in rehab. Juliet and her mother Desiree, have a strained relationship and Juliet does not want to enter the fray, especially now that she is pregnant. Hoping to get there, help out and return to Mexico before anyone can tell she is pregnant, she agrees to go.Claire is Desiree's neighbor in Byfield, Massachuettes. She is retired from her own insurance business and an avid bird watcher. She lives only with her dog tadpole. Strained neighbors, we quickly learn they are more to each other. And so begins the complicated story of these women's lives told from alternating viewpoints. The strength of his book lies in its female charaters. All of them have their strengths but none of them are perfect. It allows the reader to watch as characters try to come to terms with the decisions they have made in their lifetimes.If I had one wish for this book it is that the male characters were as complex. With the exception of Juliet's ex-husband, they are all too good to be true. Still this book was a pleasurable read.There are no real surprises in this book for this reviewer. The pleasure comes from the characters and their relationships with each other. Ian, one of the chacaters sums up the beauty of this book."Maybe you don't have to think any one thing about her [Desiree]," ..."Maybe this is just your life, and there are many people in it who care about you in their own imperfect way. You should embrace it all."This book was leant to this reviewer for the purpose of this review. It had no impact on this reviewer's rating.