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Under the Dome - Stephen King by Stephen King, Raul Esparza (Narrator)Let's start with the obvious. This book is a monster -literally. I listened to it on CD, 30 of them to be exact. So if your're going to pick this up be prepared for the investment of time.Let me be upfront. I love Stephen King. I lovve his books, his politics and his general attitude on life. So I don't think I'm a particularly unbiased reviewer.The general synopsis of this book is a clear dome comes down and covers a small Maine town one morning, preventing anyone from leaving. And for those who were on the border of the town when the dome arrived? Not a pretty sight. The dome is clear and so initially people don't know it's there and so we have a few morning accidents in the beginning as well.So what happens when a town is cut off from the outside world? What are the ramifications on the environment? the air quality? the weather? There is certainly no electricity anymore - although I will say that generators were awfully abundant in this town. Perhaps that's an eastern thing. If a dome came down over Edgerton, we'd be SOL. King addesses all of these things although as usual, the relationships are front and center in the telling. King's horror stories are really about the depths of what some people will do in the name of power, or ontrol or greed or just plain nastiness. And we get that in spades with Big Jim Rennie, the used car salesman who is also the second selectman for the town. He is a great bad guy. He's smart but there is little about him that's redeeming. He is the epitome of the relious man who knows anything he wants he can get through a little prayer (and alot of manipulation). Can I get an amen?Of course there has to be the hero and that for that we get Dale Barbara. He was on his way out of town that morning after getting into a fight with with a few local trouble makers - one of which was Rennie's son. However, he doesn't make it out and that is a good thing for the towns people. A short order cook at the local dinner he was once in the army. He is smart too. Barbie, as he is called, is a perfect foil for Jim Rennie.The Book contains a large cast of characters. Each one allows us to visit the effects of the dome in their own way. Some felt that King took on too much and there were too many stories but I thought he did a good job of weaving them altogether. It made for a richer experience from my point of view.The Narrator, Raul Esparza, did a great job. It took me about one CD to get into the groove of his narration which is typical for me. I love his interpretation of all the charactrs but Big Jim and his son, Junior were two of my favorites. He managed to keep the story moving, give each of the characters their own voice and his pacing kept me glued to my seat. I listen to CD's to and from work and I broke my own rule once and brought the CD's into my home to listen.The ending of this story took me by surprise. King's explanation of the events made me uneasy. At first I thought it was because it was unexpected and then I thought it was a cop out. But now I realize it's got me thinking. Pretty cool for a horror story.