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I'm a lover of books. I love how discussing books connect us in really substantial and interesting ways.

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Evidence of Life - Barbara Taylor Sissel I read an advanced copy of this book for review. Evidence of Life is a mystery. A father and daughter, Nick and Lindsey leave for a camping trip only to drive into one of the worst floods anyone can remember. The go missing and are presumed dead. But Abby Nick’s wife and Lindsey’s mother isn’t sure. Nick was recently suspected of embezzling money from a lawsuit he won. And why does everyone, from Abby’s son, to best friend, to Nick’s partner at the law firm seem to be hiding something from Abby. But what keeps Abby looking is the call she received from her daughter the night they left, sounding scared and crying telling her mother she had to tell her something about daddy before the connection is lost. It’s a great setup for a book; one I was looking forward to reading. It had all the elements of a good mystery. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. The characters were very one dimensional, particularly Abby who is the protagonist. Instead of sympathizing for her I was irritated by Abby’s paranoia and lack of decision making. All her decisions seem to be made by impulse rather than any sense if internal drive or decision making. The author had some good ideas but they are attached to the story as exposition rather than woven into the story line. For example the author inserts a Native American tale about how the bluebells was created by the gods. It is just dropped into the story wedged between one chapter and the next with nothing to connect it to the story itself. One of the last scenes of the book is its best. It’s filled with tension, action and we finally get a glimpse of the characters personalities. It just comes way too late for me. 2/5 stars