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I'm a lover of books. I love how discussing books connect us in really substantial and interesting ways.

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The Witness - Nora Roberts This was a great book. There are times when I wish Nora would write something other than romance and this is one of those times. For those of us who love her books, we take please in strong but wounded female characters and too good to be true male matches. But the other thing you can also rely on is that Nora will have a story. And this book had a wowser of a story. The only thing that would have improved this book is to not have the absolute knowledge that all would end well. This story was so suspensefull and so gripping that I would have liked it not to end with the fariytale ending. It would have been stronger and it would have been 5 stars. Unfortuntly is wouldn't have been Nora Robert either. I think she out smarted herself on this one.