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I'm a lover of books. I love how discussing books connect us in really substantial and interesting ways.

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The End of Your Life Book Club - Will Schwalbe This is a beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman. Will Schwalbe writes a memoir of his time with his mother after she is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But the book is not about death, but about life, living fully and gracefully. I've never read a book in which I encountered so many thoughts and passages that I wanted to highlight because they spoke to me in a personal way. My to read book list has blossomed and I've been introduced to many new authors. Will makes you feel like you are part of the discussion between he and his mother and gives the reader a intimate portrait of a incredible woman. His mother touched my life and I can think of no greater tribute that her son could have given to Mary Anne than to know that she will continue to smile at strangers.